Our Mission

We're out to change the way businesses shop for broadband service. Our goal is to empower decision makers with actionable information regarding broadband availability, competition, and pricing.

Every year providers spend millions mapping their network infrastructure, yet there is still no convenient tool that aggregates this coverage data and makes finding availability easy.

Our mission is to change that.

At Business Internet, we've created a tool that offers address level coverage results for every business broadband provider nationwide.

Whether you’re a business comparing multiple providers or you’re a telecom professional checking serviceability, Business Internet is designed to streamline your workflow so you can get connected quickly.

If you’re a provider, you should be excited too because we make it insanely easy for you to attract customers already in your footprint.

The current tool you find BusinessInternet.com is still in active development and will improve rapidly over the coming months. If you have feedback on how we can streamline your workflow, we want to hear about it. Drop us a note via our contact form.

our mission

Business Internet’s History:

Residential Broadband:

In 2013, long time business partners Duane Anderson and Nick Reese were each considering buying rural acreage, but they couldn’t find internet providers that serviced their prospective properties.

Frustrated they quickly discovered that no solution allowed the average consumer to find the providers that offered service in their area easily… so they set out to solve their own problem.

What initially started as a side project quickly snowballed.

Today this once tiny tool called BroadbandNow.com has become the #1 resource consumers turn to when shopping for residential broadband providers.

Business Broadband is Different:

As BroadbandNow quickly gained traction, our team saw that there were a few extremely heavy users of the site.

As time passed, we began to interview these heavy users and understand how we could simplify their workflow.

We quickly discovered that every single “heavy user” was a business that was finding provider availability for their needs or the needs of their clients.

That is where the seed of Business Internet was planted.

As we began to interview more of these heavy users, we quickly learned how nuanced and complex the business broadband industry is.

We also learned many of the struggles that mid-sized businesses and enterprise customers face when shopping for the best service across multiple locations.

But, our biggest lesson was the number of telecom professionals and internal teams from major broadband providers who told us how our zip code availability tool had transformed their workflow.


Building a Better Mouse Trap:

About this time, our co-founder Nick Reese was speaking with providers to understand their problems.

It seemed that there was an opportunity to create a tool that was even more granular than what we had created with BroadbandNow.com.

So we got to work.

After a few months of interviews with both providers and heavy users, we recruited a few “beta” testers for a business focused availability tool… but instead of zip code availability which is just an estimate of coverage, we offered them an even more granular, address focused tool.

The early beta tool was slow, poorly designed, and mainly intended to be proof of concept… but it caught on like wildfire.

Quickly beta testers were asking for more invites for their team and industry friends and soon it was being talked about at industry conferences and even promoted by major providers.

“Why’d the tool catch on so fast?” we asked.

Tester’s unanimous response was: “Because your tool is a neutral source that shows ALL of the providers at or near a given address. Instead of just a handful like every other tool.”

That was enough. We were hooked.

Fast forward and after more than a year of integrating user feedback from businesses, winning the trust of providers to share their lit addresses we launched BusinessInternet.com.

Overall, we think it is a pretty fitting domain name. :) As our #1 goal is to simplify your business’ process of finding broadband.