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E-Vergent Wireless offers Fixed Wireless internet service in 2 states with their largest coverage being in Illinois and Wisconsin.

E-Vergent Wireless's Coverage:

The industries with the most concentration within E-Vergent Wireless's coverage area are Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services (15.15%), Retail Trade (10.66%), and Health Care and Social Assistance (9.67%).

We've calculated that businesses within E-Vergent Wireless's total footprint have access to an average of 3.40 wired alternatives and 1.26 wireless alternatives.

Average # of wired alternatives within footprint
Average # of wireless alternatives within footprint

Pricing Competition: Average Price Per Mbps and Telecom Spend

From a pricing perspective, the average quoted price per MBPS within E-Vergent Wireless's coverage area is $65.64/mo.

When it comes to what businesses actually spend on telecom, we found that businesses within E-Vergent Wireless's on average spend $513.31/mo on internet and communications services.

This data is based on 7,238 quotes for broadband service and 1,405 sales within E-Vergent Wireless's coverage area.

For more information about this data please see our full write up on business internet pricing.


Average monthly spend in coverage area


Average price per mbps in coverage area

Largest Sectors

Sector % of Businesses by Sector within Footprint
Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services15.15%
Retail Trade10.66%
Health Care and Social Assistance9.67%
Other Services (except Public Administration)8.55%
Accommodation and Food Services7.79%
Finance and Insurance7.03%
Wholesale Trade6.93%
Administrative Support; Waste Management and Remediation Services6.01%

Largest Employers within Footprint

Employment Type% of Jobs
Full-Service Restaurants 4.19%
Corporate, Subsidiary, and Regional Managing Offices 4.1%
Temporary Help Services3.12%
Limited-Service Restaurants 3.05%
Supermarkets and Other Grocery (except Convenience) Stores 1.83%
Offices of Lawyers1.63%
Offices of Physicians (except Mental Health Specialists) 1.54%
Hotels (except Casino Hotels) and Motels 1.38%
Commercial Banking 1.38%
Religious Organizations 1.22%

Cities Where E-Vergent Wireless Offers Service